About PHPAfrica

Who we are

Public Health Projects in Africa (PHPAfrica) is a non-governmental community-based organization registered in Zimbabwe (registration number MA483/2011). A Board of Trustees is responsible for making policies of the organization, with the Scientific Committee providing scientific guidance and advice to facilitate translation of the organizational policies into practical project activities through an administrative secretariat. The secretariat

PHPAfrica Network

PHP Africa Network

PHPAfrica network covers all the regions of Africa with sub-hubs in each of the regions as shown below.

Southern Africa: PHPAfrica Hub is based in Zimbabwe

Eastern Africa: Sub-hub in Tanzania

Northern Africa: Sub-hub in Egypt

Western Africa: Sub-hub in Niger

Central Africa: Sub-hub in Cameroon

What we do

The main objective of PHPAfrica is to contribute towards the improvement of health of poor communities, especially in remote rural areas, who carry the greatest burden of infectious diseases but generally have limited access to preventive and therapeutic interventions. In order to maximize utilization of resources and prevent duplication of efforts, PHPAfrica collaborates with diverse

Organizational structure

PHPAfrica Organogram